Tuesday, 26 June 2012


Yes have been struggling on all fronts at the moment, exercise, eating, getting things done. Not sure that I have the answers as to how to get past it. Is it just trying each day to get over the hump? Examine what may be causing the problem or just hope you will come right?
My accounts are days behind and are due Thursday no ifs buts or maybe. I havent done any exercise since Saturday and my eating is crap! Could it be cyclic i.e womanly stuff or is it lack of sleep?
I dont have the answers only to try and keep pushing myself to get back on track. If anyone is reading this blog?? maybe you could post an answer.

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  1. Definately think lack of sleep has something to do with it. Always an eating challenge if I haven't had enough sleep. Also find that if I stay up too late at night, my brain starts to think it needs feeding since it is still active, even if my body is not.