Thursday, 21 June 2012

Overshoulder bolder holder

aka bra, brassiere and probably countless other names.
Who designed these things I wonder and why am I mentioning the unmentionable? Well if one is to do exercise of the jogging variety then a good sports bra is needed, and especially if one is blessed or cursed to be over endowed.
The sports bra I own is Bendon brand, it has two strap settings, either straight over the shoulder or crossed over at the back. The problem arises while trying to close the hooks at the back when in the strap crossed position. I am just not a contortionist and can not manage this task on my own and that brings to mind another question how do women manage to close these things when they have no one to help? Or do others not share my problem?
Maybe I will need to do some research and either find a better bra, find some exercise that may help or contact the manufacturer.
And now its time to do some exercise.

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